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Our Mission

Worldwide at Your Service.

Mobile worldwide, thanks to services perfectly tailored to your needs. We guarantee you the highest level of safety and comfort. Action Worldwide Limousines solves the challenges of global business travelers, carefully and reliably.

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Our Services

Premium Chauffeur Services

One-way transfer or customized road show. Premium limousines provide the necessary comfort. A Meet & Greet service at the airport creates a seamless travel experience. Experienced chauffeurs will get you to your destination safely and on time.

The whole world of luxury

Our Promise

Worldwide Reliability.

Wherever you are traveling, we are there for you. On arrival at the airport, the limousine will be waiting with your personal chauffeur. You enjoy a personalized service. Rely on 30 years of experience.

The whole world of luxury

Our Services

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Book relaxed and comfortable travel in high-quality vehicles with trained chauffeurs. Individual routing is possible and return journeys are organized as required and independent of fixed schedules.

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From one city to the next, from one country to the other. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can meet the requirements of very complex and precisely timed processes. We offer you precise logistical support and the most experienced chauffeurs.



Trained agents are at your disposal at the airport. They take care of your transportation, handle your luggage and are at your personal service in every respect.


Meet & Greet (Arrival)

Your agent will be waiting for you at the door of the arriving aircraft and will drive you to the lounge in the limousine. There he will take care of all the formalities. Alternatively, you can be accompanied directly through immigration and customs via the priority lane. With your luggage collected, the agent will accompany you to the waiting limousine or to your onward means of transportation.

Gate To Gate (Transit)

Your agent will accompany you from the aircraft by limousine to the lounge or directly to the departure gate. If required, luggage transportation and connecting check-in can be arranged. At departure time, you will be accompanied to the departing aircraft.

Send-Off (Departure)

Your agent will be waiting for you at your terminal. While you enjoy the comfort of the lounge, your agent will take care of check-in, baggage and will be at your disposal. After the security check, you will be taken by limousine from the lounge to the aircraft or accompanied to the boarding gate.

Our Specialties

Extra Comfort.

Preferential service is one of our core competencies. We fulfill your wishes worldwide. Vehicles with special equipment. Preferred drivers in certain cities. You receive premium vehicles and trained personnel.

The whole world of luxury

Our Specialties

Extra Security.

Action Worldwide Limousines has a worldwide network of vetted partners. Our careful preparation minimizes your travel risks. Armored vehicles offer an increased level of safety in the event of increased environmental or personal risk.

The whole world of luxury

Our chauffeurs

Discreet and Friendly.

More than 700 drivers appreciate flexible working hours, respectful treatment and reliable cooperation. We offer a wide range of tasks in a highly professional working environment.

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Our Partners

Everybody Who Is Anybody.

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"My promise: We ensure safety and comfort on your travels every day."

– Ralf Rehder, Managing Director of Action Worldwide Limousines

Action Worldwide Limousines

Perfectly Tailored to You Everywhere.

Experience the most personal way to travel. Precise preparation, thanks to a wealth of knowledge. Perfect implementation, thanks to experienced chauffeurs. Absolute discretion, without ifs and buts.

The whole world of luxury