We Move Your Fleet

Vehicle Transfer.

Our experienced team of drivers takes care of the reliable and punctual transfer of your vehicles. SafeDriver NextGen offers you complete organization from a single source: this also includes arranging appointments with garages and, if desired, cleaning and maintaining the vehicles before handover.


The Warmest Welcome

Valet Parking.

Offer your guests a luxurious reception. In front of hotels, on company premises or in front of event venues. All your guests have to do is drive up, get out and hand over their car keys. Our competent team welcomes the guests, parks your vehicles, coordinates the parking spaces and drives up again when required. In the meantime, your keys and car are safely stored. Book valet parking permanently or for selected events.


Absolute discretion and flexibility

Embassy Driving Service

We have been working with numerous embassies for many years. Based on this experience, we provide tailor-made transportation services. Absolute discretion and availability at any time of day or night. Our certified and multilingual chauffeurs have many years of experience and are constantly trained. On request, we can take you to your destination in your embassy vehicle or in our own exclusive limousines and vans.


Maintenance of assets

Fleet Management.

Complex processes in fleet management tie up capacity and cost money. Benefit from our many years of experience and continuous process optimization. With our help, you can simplify fleet management, optimize processes and sustainably reduce your costs. We ensure smooth operations and take over the management, planning, control and monitoring of your fleet. This includes

  • Logging of all pick-ups and returns
  • Regular reports according to your requirements
  • Cleaning and preparation of vehicles
  • Damage management
  • Scheduling and monitoring of workshop cycles
  • Control and management of your vehicle fleet

The first impression is decisive

Car Park Management

Parking space is often limited and demand exceeds capacity. Give your customers and guests a pleasant welcome and guide them directly to the right place with intelligent parking space management. Our staff will take care of the greeter, parking and yard logistics service for you. Operational processes are optimized and employees are relieved.

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"We have decades of experience in the team. This means that every task is fulfilled in the best possible way."

– René Urwank, Manging Director of SafeDriver NextGen

Our Tools

The Elements of Hard Work.

NextGen uses specially developed software to guarantee a perfectly coordinated schedule. This enables our experienced team and our customers to maintain an overview at all times and adjust even the smallest details within seconds.

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Dispatching software for planning transport orders

Specially adapted scheduling software offers a customer portal for booking and managing transport orders. This means that customers always have an overview of all orders and can request changes and bookings. In addition to fleet management, there is also the option of live tracking of vehicles.

SafeDriver | Icon | Mitarbeitermanagament

Central software solution for employee management

We offer our employees jobs and shifts for which they can apply or register via an app or web portal. Time tracking takes place in the same way and is transferred directly to the accounting department after approval. This saves time and gives us centralized document and employee management at the same time.

Your driving job

100% Professional, Colorful, Fair.

More than 700 drivers appreciate flexible working hours, respectful interaction and reliable teamwork. We offer a variety of tasks, tailored to your needs.

Become part of our team
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NextGen – The Brand Formerly Known as NG

We Go by Our Full Name Now.

For many years we used NG as an abbreviation. Now we proudly spell out our name. In doing so, we are reinforcing our promise to bring innovative solutions to the market. What will not change: A perfectly coordinated team that creates unforgettable experiences.

SafeDriver NextGen

The Highest Standard on the Market.

SafeDriver NextGen is a full-service agency for mobility and automotive-related services based in Berlin and Leipzig. Founded in 2016, NextGen organizes over 120 events a year and manages long-term projects. Our client base includes automotive groups, premium hotels, agencies, embassies and various commercial enterprises. The core team has been working together since 2003.