Our Services

Micro Mobility.

With a private charging infrastructure and trained service personnel, SafeDriver ennoo ensures charged batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters. Electric vans and e-cargo bikes collect the scooters and bikes, charge or swap batteries and carry out maintenance and repairs.


Our Services

Urban Delivery.

Delivery activities as diverse as the customers’ needs: Pizza by e-scooter, parcel deliveries by e-transporter or high-profile goods by limousine. SafeDriver ennoo offers delivery services on demand.


Our Services


In order to make urban logistics efficient and environmentally friendly, we operate micro-hubs in the centers of major German cities. This avoids unnecessary traffic routes, saves CO2 and relieves traffic congestion.


Our Fleet

Gas Pedal Becomes E-Pedal.

From e-bikes and e-motorcycles to larger vans – we have the right vehicle for every job. Our fleet is constantly maintained and regularly inspected to ensure optimum performance.



The all-electric panel van is available with a long or short wheelbase and can carry a payload of up to 850 kilograms. A battery capacity of 50 kWh enables a range of up to 238 km and a charge from five to 80% in 45 minutes.



The transport pedelec has the best prerequisites for deliveries in city traffic. With a payload of up to 220 kg, a range of up to 30 km and a battery that can be replaced in seconds. The assisting electric motor and starting aid make deliveries in city traffic easier. Thanks to its classification, the ONO can also use cycle paths.


Proace Electric

The Toyota Proace Electric is an all-electric minibus with a very comfortable ride and plenty of interior space. The electric motor enables good driving performance and, together with the continuously variable transmission, ensures outstanding driving comfort.

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More than 700 drivers appreciate flexible working hours, respectful interaction and reliable teamwork. We offer a variety of tasks, tailored to your needs.

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