Micro Mobility Services

Who Charges E-Scooters?

Day after day, our swarm of battery-powered transporters takes on this task. Each e-scooter is picked up, charged and redistributed individually.

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Urban Delivery

Delivery in the Urban Jungle.

We deliver quickly and reliably, whatever the product. With smooth organization and wide area coverage, our fleet takes care of your delivery needs.

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CEP Services

Courier, Express and Parcel Services.

When ordering online, the delivery staff has the only personal contact with the end customer. Therefore: Have goods delivered with a smile.

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Vehicle Transfer

We Move Your Fleet.

The efficient transport of vehicles from A to B requires efficient planning and excellent organization. We are happy to take over.

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Fleet Management

Maintain Your Assets.

The organization of vehicle fleets is about the optimal management of your assets and keeping them in optimum condition. We take care of both.

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Car Park Management

Perfectly Coordinated.

An organized parking space makes a good first impression and ensures stress-free arrival and departure. Everyday costs are reduced and the overview is maintained.

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