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Rental Cars for Ride-Hailing.

ennoo Rental rents vehicles to partner companies – available at short notice and fully equipped. More growth for our partners. New cars for our cities.



Enable Growth.

Ride-hailing revenues in Europe are set to double by 2028. Yet many rental car companies struggle to get funding to expand their fleets. ennoo Rental solves this problem. We provide qualified partner companies with vehicles for fleet operations.


Our Offer

Long-term rental without headaches.

We specialize in vehicle procurement and rental. ennoo Rental also takes care of equipping with alarms and odometers. Our vehicles are available a few weeks after ordering and ready for use from day 1.

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ennoo Rental

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Partner Companies

Our plans for the future

Completely Green 2025+

We are focusing our selection on electric vehicles. This protects our partners against access restrictions in city centres – and makes a positive contribution to the decarbonization of occasional transportation.

We answer

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our contracts usually run for 48 months. At the end of the term, vehicles can be returned or purchased.

From the agreed date on which the vehicle is ready for you to collect (that means including built-in odometer and alarm).

Vehicle can be purchased and taken over. Or the vehicles can be returned.

In the pilot phase in the first quarter of 2024, we will offer 50 vehicles per vehicle type. After that, we will order and offer larger quantities based on demand.

We ask for various details in an online form. After checking the documents and details, we decide on qualification.

Accidents and damage must be reported to ennoo Rental (and your insurance company) immediately.

We will contact you regarding a suitable workshop (see GTC, Section J. Damage, technical modifications and statutory inspections).

Damage will be settled in consultation with ennoo Rental either via the insurance company or by the renter himself.

Yes. However, depending on the type of damage, ennoo Rental will specify the workshop (authorized workshop, master workshop, independent workshop).

Our offer is currently available to Uber partners in Berlin, but we will soon be expanding it to the whole of Germany.

In accordance with our GTC, subletting is excluded (see GTC, Section M).

The required scope of insurance is fully comprehensive insurance including GAP cover and embezzlement cover (for further details see GTC, section F. Insurance).

The usual manufacturer’s warranty. For example, in the case of the Suzuki Swace, 3 years or 100,000 km.

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