The Advantages

What exactly can drivers expect in the Top Driver program?

🏅 The best jobs: Top drivers receive exclusive access to rides to and from the airport, rides with the Comfort Option and ride reservations.

💸 Exclusive promotions: Top drivers in a QPP fleet continue to receive exclusive access to the QPP promotion in the app.

🎁 Great specials: To honor the great performance of the Top Drivers, we will regularly raffle off prizes among all Top Drivers.

Automatic Participation

How does participation work?

Participation in the Top Driver Program is automatic based on individual driver performance. The qualification takes place weekly for the following week, based on the performance of the current week.

The following scores are required for a Top Driver qualification:

Cancellation Rate

Maximum 10 %

Effective Acceptance Rate

Minimum 80 %

Want to find out more about calculating the acceptance and cancellation rate? You can find all the details in the guide “Calculating key performance indicators“.